What’s even going on in the world? And what do we do about it? We started Good Support because we feel like we gotta do something.

Real talk: we know we're coming from a privileged place. But, we want to be more engaged and we want to be more responsible. We know we can be doing better and this is us trying.

So what’s that something?


We’ve got guides: They’re a way for us to learn more about topics like finances, education, and healthcare, but without it feeling like #school.

  • We see these guides as a way for all of us to work towards changing our attitudes about what we can and can’t do. When you talk with your friends, maybe you talk about intersectional feminism and maybe you bitch about your jobs? We do both but we want to learn how to talk about the hard things better.
  • We want to elevate conversations beyond ourselves and get more engaged. 

We’ve got shit to buy. 

  • We collaborate with small, independent designers. We’re highlighting brands who are up and coming (because they’re rad and you should know about them).  They make shit, we sell it, then we take the money and donate it to people doing good things. People like Planned Parenthood, ACLU, National Resource Defense Council, and more. They’re out there doing hard work and we want to support them. 
  • We’re supporting causes and creatives. Capitalism is the fucking worst, right? We think so too, but we also think, unfortunately, that we’re a part of the system. So we’re checking out a different way to do it, something like conscious consumption. 

We want to be an engaged part of our community and we want you to be a part of that too.