Heart of Gold + Good Support Solidarity Safety Pin

Heart of Gold + Good Support Solidarity Safety Pin

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These special solidarity pins are made from revamped vintage safety pins and Figa of Oxala Bakelite fist charms finished with metal solder and lacquer.

Figa of Oxala Bakelite fists are a traditional Brazilian charm/ amulet and a symbol of fertility. This hand position has a few contemporary meanings, but essentially it symbolizes flipping someone off. It's also shown in moments of confrontation, competition, or preceding a fight

We found Heart of Gold through the killer “vote” barrettes she made for the 2016 election. Which felt like a perfect fit when we decided to find the right maker to create these special solidarity safety pins. Due to the preciousness of these items, the edition is limited to 45 - making this collaboration even more special.

(Special magic photography credit for the beautiful imagery by the talented and groovy Molly Quan)


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