Topic 02: finances


Money. Love it? Hate it? Does it rule us or do we rule it — do we even know*? Money is something that we all engage with, regardless if we have none, some, or tons. How we use it, or don’t, can and should be an important part of our active citizenship. By learning more about who has it, who doesn’t, and who benefits from where we spend, bank, and borrow, we can become more empowered. Let’s get engaged in a conscientious way, because our choices affect more than just our own checkbooks. It’s time to start making more active decisions, i.e. Powerful, Peaceful Activism.

*Intersectional awareness reminder: There’s definitely no such thing as talking about money without talking about class, and no talking about class without talking about race and gender. This can make it feel overwhelming and is also what makes money have such high potential for political empowerment.

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