topic 01: Finding Your Thing


If you’re reading this, you’re clearly interested in getting involved in your community. Do you know where you’ll start? For some of us, getting started is clear and easy and we wholeheartedly jump into whatever is in front of us. For others, it’s overwhelming and confusing. Either way, the suggestions here may help you get into— and stay excited about— your next civic adventure. We’ve learned that putting time and effort into finding the right fit supports sustainability. In other words, it’s totally worth it.

Getting Started:

Make a list of things you care about, are angry about, or already know you’re good at doing. Now focus in: what three causes are most important to you?

take action:

Participate in one action for one of your top three causes.

  • Attend a meeting of an advocacy group

  • Volunteer for a few hours, and make sure to talk to a fellow volunteer and find out what inspired them to get involved

Read a book related to your cause try to gain a better understanding of the issues surrounding it

How did it go? If it went well, fantastic— go back and do more. If it didn’t go well, think about what might be a better fit. A different role? A different organization? Get back out there and try again!


Think about your experience. Do you want to go back? Did you feel helpful? Can you reasonably do this work along with the rest of your busy life? If yes, you may have found your thing!

If no, move on an try something new. Did you find that your priorities were what you initially thought, or did you realize that things changed once you put thoughts into action?

Come back and tell us how it went. Tell your friends, tell your family. Share the love!





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