Seaworthy 'Resting Bitch Face' Keychain.

Seaworthy 'Resting Bitch Face' Keychain.


What's the inspiration behind the design you made for/with us?

I have always been told that I make a strange impression on people. I'm not overly bubbly or quick to offer a lot of myself to a stranger. I've been told I'm cold and stoic. I have been told I'm unapproachable. Surprise, surprise … I've been called bossy. I've also been called a bitch.

“I don't think she likes me,” is a thing people say about me a lot. I've definitely been told I should smile more.

I've been made to feel bad about my nature as a person. Like I should change in order to make people more comfortable.

Why are women expected to act in a way that pleases others? They shouldn't speak their minds or express their feelings too openly. They should be more accommodating, more welcoming. They should put people at ease. They shouldn't be confident or strong or too occupied with the reality of life, to offer a smile and giggle to a complete stranger.

I'll just never be a smile and giggle kind of woman.

I started carving my two resting bitches after a very difficult year. On January 1st of 2016, my husband went to the hospital in an ambulance for what turned out to be the beginning stages of a grand mal seizure. The seizure was caused by a mass on his brain which turned out to be cancer. My husband has brain cancer. I tell you this as a reminder, that you never know what people are going through.

In the midst of all of this, I was again told how I made a stranger feel weird or intimidated or not as warm and fuzzy as they had hoped. The gift that adversity gives you is the ability to give absolutely no fucks. And, for the first time, I saw these observations for what they really are, not my problem.

It's not my fault. I don't want to smile and I don't have to.

I know I'm not a mean, cold or aggressive person. I am strong, confident, smart, funny, warm and loving. Intimidating is not something that I am, it is something that is projected on to me by someone who is intimidated. It is not my job to make a stranger feel comfortable meeting a woman like me.

I carved these faces as a practice in acceptance. I'm proud of my resting bitches. One of the faces is introspective, eyes closed, looking in. The other is eyes wide open, determined and ready for whatever is coming her way.

Stop telling women to smile.

(** Side note: Marisa's hubby's cancer is dormant and is being monitored AND he is doing well! #phew)


Materials: Recycled sterling silver



Seaworthy is a handmade, artisan jewelry line, designed and constructed in their Portland, Oregon studio. Designer Marisa Howard and team make each piece by hand utilizing traditional metal working processes and materials that have been used for centuries. Howard's (and team's) dedication to craft, community and sustainability are at the forefront of the business - They walking the walk they talk.

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