If it were easy, everyone would do it


Journal Entry - 12/26/16

Women have to be equal contributors to the GDP (gross domestic product) in order to make a difference. Until we own ourselves and our impacts in this arena, we aren’t making the impact we crave. Open discourse has been removed from the table. Where are our male allies AND are we as females asking for them to stand up?

Journal Entry - 7/28/14

Emotional Success is in honoring our worth.

Journal Entry - 10/13/16

We are inherently valuable because we are valuable human beings (women.) What we do, what we look like doesn’t make us valuable… or even create value. We are inherently valuable, beautiful - because we are alive.

Journal Entry - 11/15/15

Enlightened self interest means removing my ‘self’ from the equation. We must push a little bit harder than is comfortable. And stake our fucking positions solidly into the ground. Creation can only start from a feeling in the feet (grounded) and will fill us up through our bodies, and only then can we use our voices to their fullest potential.

Journal Entry - 7/24/13

Happiness is not an intellectual choice, it is an instinct and a good in itself. We must surrender to that which is sweet we have access to.

Journal Entry - 12/19/16

Is it - Privilege isn’t a luxury, it’s a responsibility. OR - The luxury of privilege is responsibility.

Journal Entry - 4/19/14

What do I need to do to accelerate female aspirations in a way that will complement our professional AND personal needs (not desires) rather than contradicting those needs. This isn’t about leaning in… it’s about tuning into our hearts.

Journal Entry - 2/19/15

Tell the truth all of the time. Speak your truth in the moment. It only exists if we allow it to be heard.

Journal Entry - 1/15, 17

Diminishing differences. What are the next steps for feminism. Do we want to succeed in the world we are encountering? Or is it time to change the system we are participating in? How can we honor our differences and enable them into forces of empowerment?


What effect do I want to have on the world? What is my macro objective for greater impact inside and outside of my own life, let alone industry? Do I (even) have the luxury of caring about achieving effects beyond just my self-indulgent prerogatives? Will I be able to move beyond my own privilege to learn about and advocate for others? What can I do to help encourage women to become equal contributors in society?

These are only some of the questions that swirled in my head during the exhaustive 2 year campaign season we just were abused by. Generally speaking - I’ve been questioning myself, my daily actions and my chosen career path. I’ve had a hard time digesting feeling more and more invested in the bigger picture, after all - it’s a terrifying picture if I’m being really honest.

As a white woman of some level of privilege, I am becoming more and more uncomfortable. And not with what’s going on in the world around me, but in how much more work I see I need to do within myself. Though I am angry, scared and confused… I know with certainty that I have room to do more. I need to support women less privileged than I am. I need less ego and to be ok with my naivete. I must give back, every day. And I must try harder to be present and aware of my place in the world.

Good Support came to be because I saw a purpose for it, because those I engaged with made me feel like I could– or maybe already was doing– something with meaning attached through exploring such ideals and in how I approach design. Though the concept can't work for or represent all women, I hope it can evolve and change, like I hope I myself can... into something that works and is useful.

Let’s get together and try to do better. We owe it to ourselves, our families, our neighbors, our communities and nation. My mother has a saying “If it were easy, everyone would do it.” It’s time to change it to - “If it weren’t hard, we couldn’t make a difference.” I want that. Don’t you?


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