CLOSE-UP: High Vibes w/ Tree Fairfax


Tree Fairfax is a slow fashion studio based in Roanoke, VA. Designer Tricia Hash makes each item entirely by hand, using traditional artisan leathercraft techniques and recycled and natural leathers. With a focus on function, and minimalist aesthetic, Hash makes everyday items that feel special and wear in beautifully over time and love. Good Support was lucky enough to collaborate w/ Hash on the Tree Fairfax x GS 'Half Moon' Beltbag.  which you'll really want for a hands-free summer of resisting in style...and general good times too. #justsayin


1. Tell us about the inspiration behind the design you made for/with us?

My inspiration for this design was an easy going and minimal flow. I wanted it to be hands free but with a sleek design.

2. Why were you interested in collaborating with Good Support?

I was interested in collaborating with Good Support because of what they stand for: bringing people together, educating and giving back to our communities. I love that Good Support also wants to work with small businesses and help shoppers get to know the maker and the time and energy that’s put into each piece.

3. How did you get into making the goods/work/objects that you do?

I first began creating leather goods when I was unemployed and couldn't afford to buy the things that I wanted. I went to thrift shops and bought old leather coats and skirts and created handbags out of them. Friends would ask about the bag I was carrying and then I began creating and selling bags to them and others as word spread.

4. What are your thoughts on conscious consumption?

Conscious consumption has become pretty important to me even as I create leather goods. I used to go to the mall and shop every week, it was ridiculous. As I have gotten older I realize that I don't need as much and that I prefer quality pieces that will last longer. I have always had a love for thrift and consignment shops. That love has grown so much that I rarely visit a shopping mall anymore. I have also cut back on creating loads of leather bags just to increase my inventory. I am working more on custom pieces which I love and it also cuts back on waste.

5. How invested are you in civic engagement and social justice?

Social justice is very important to me, being that I am African American and a female. Equality is important and I have taught my children that they have a voice and that they should use it. We all voted together, researched leaders in our area and stood up for injustice in our own town.

6. What’s your sign?