CLOSE-UP: High Vibes w/ Meha Magic


Meha Magic is a Chicago, IL based ceramicist. Artist April Nickel takes inspiration from Mesoamerican cultures and matriarchal societies to create pieces for modern living. Nickel hand builds her pieces, bringing a one-of-kind uniqueness to each piece. 


1. Tell us about the inspiration behind the design you made for/with us?              

For me the breast, boob, tit, etc..., is completely fascinating and significant.  While seemingly rudimentary and age old, it’s also highly complex and NOW.  Our bodies give life and nurture, mother earth gives life and needs to be nurtured.  I'm inspired to celebrate this magic while also confronting head-on the reality that all over the world we are attacked, subjugated and oppressed.  I am quite literally trying to take back feminine representation.  It's really about using these objects to regain our power at a time when it is so easy to feel powerless.  I use clay to create simple forms to connect with our past and recall a time when women’s bodies were depicted in a more holistic way, honoring fertility and womanhood.

2.  Why were you interested in collaborating with Good Support?                  

I decided to start selling my ceramics with the main goal to be able to somehow give back to the world in some way.  Collaborating with Good Support was completely aligned with that focus.  I prefer to work with like-minded businesses because together I believe we can truly make a difference.       

3. How did you get into making the goods/work/objects that you do?                   

I have a background in art and design and have spent time in both fiber arts and jewelry design and production.  I always had moments with clay, but when I chose to use it as my main medium of expression everything clicked and I haven't looked back.

4. What are your thoughts on conscious consumption?                          

That it's completely necessary for the health of our future.  The decisions we make with our wallets trickle down and ultimately affect everyone, so we have to be conscious and wise with every decision we make.      

5. How invested are you in civic engagement and social justice?  

Totally invested; we have to be.  I look at my daughters and think about the future and not only want the best for them, but I want them to be compassionate human beings with empathy, understanding and justice guiding their internal compass.  I am trying very hard to show them that their voice matters and that they have the ability to make a positive difference in the world.  I need to show them that with everything I do, there is a way to give back.

6. What's your sign?