LISTEN IN: #BTS w/ Conscious Chatter + Good Support episode 1.0 w/ Paco de Leone

Portrait by the talented Nicole Ida Fossi

Portrait by the talented Nicole Ida Fossi

Let’s face it, even muttering the word ‘finance’ can feel freaky--especially when you may not even have a savings account worthy of thinking about. In our first BTS (behind the scenes), aka the launch of our #BTS w/ Conscious Chatter x Good Support podcast, we try to wrap our head around the why’s. Specifically, why what we do, and how we choose to do what we do, matters. And our first topic is finance, because money speaks as loudly as our votes do each election season. We have more power than we think AND more options to exercise it. Listen in while we talk to two professional women slaying it in a field that used to be an old boys club, who are redefining what it means to be a professional in the money space. Because duh - it’s time to break the rules, create new ones and align ourselves with our beliefs AND bank accounts.

Part One - Paco de Leon & The Hell Yeah Group

Radical babe Paco de Leon is one part artist and one part financial consultant--who also (ya know, in her spare time) founded the Hell Yeah Group. Her specialty is in helping entrepreneurial creatives think bigger when it comes to how they earn and save. In a sense, Paco is here to help us not freak out, and to inspire us to just do us. Which really feels good in a world that wants us to play by the rules, color in the lines we’re given and not think twice about our own potential. You’ll love her vibe and perspective, believe us. We’re still obsessing over her interview ourselves.




DEFINITIONS & important details:

  • EIN - i.e ‘Employee Identification Number’ - The EIN is a nine-digit number, and its role is similar to that of the Social Security number. A unique identification number that is assigned to a business entity so that they can easily be identified by the Internal Revenue Service. The Employer Identification Number is commonly used by employers for the purpose of reporting taxes.

  • Value Belief - A value is a measure of the worth or importance a person attaches to something; our values are often reflected in the way we live our lives. I.e. An attitude is the way a person expresses or applies their beliefs and values, and is expressed through words and behavior. (for the purpose of reporting taxes)

  • Barriers to entry - Barriers to entry are the existence of high startup costs or other obstacles that prevent new competitors from easily entering an industry or area of business.
  • THE PAY GAP: Black and Hispanic women experience the biggest pay gaps, earning. Compared to non-Hispanic white men, white non-Hispanic women are paid 81 cents on the dollar and Asian women are paid 88 cents on the dollar. But the penalty is much larger for black and Hispanic women, who are paid only 65 cents and 59 cents on the white male dollar, respectively.
    • Side Note: Income inequality - Measured for all households, U.S. income inequality is comparable to other developed countries before taxes and transfers, but is among the highest after taxes and transfers, meaning the U.S. shifts relatively less income from higher income households to lower income households.
  • LGBTQQIAAP Broken Down - LGBTQQIAAP stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Allies and Pansexual, with all other nine laying under the umbrella of Queer. (Great Resource: DECAHEDRON OF Q)

    • Side Note: G.S. breaks down [through the lens of] the US Census, why it is so important that we count every demographic in the U.S.A. in our weekly #knowyourfacts post... Why we as a country have continually failed to count the LGBTQQIAAP community, as well as other minorities is - disheartening. If you want to understand more about this, and how other minorities are affected by not being counted, we recommend you listen to the #onthemedia podcast episode 'Stand and Be Counted'