CLOSE UP: High Vibes w/ Krysos & Chandi

Krysos + Chandi is a jewelry line based in Brooklyn, NY.  Proudly handmade in New York City, designer Avneet Basi forges and casts all her work sustainably - using recycled Sterling Silver, Brass + Gold. Rooted in the mythology and culture of ancient Greece and India, Basi's multicultural heritage informs much of her beautiful work.


1. Tell us about the inspiration behind the design you made for/with us?

This design is derived from a small collection of pieces that I did earlier in the year--my nugget melt series, which involves using nuggets of gold + silver which are melted and take on one-of-a-kind shapes during the cooling process. Some of these melted blobs ended up looking like breasts, so we decided to use them as inspiration for these studs, which were hand sculpted in wax and then cast in recycled brass + silver.

2. Why were you interested in collaborating with Good Support?

I've admired Gretchen for years--she has such a strong voice and aesthetic and she's been an amazing supporter of indie female brands, so when she started sharing her passion for political and social issues, it struck a cord. Mixing her love of fashion and activism in the form of Good Support in an effort to donate money to causes that need the support and awareness is clever and I was thrilled to be part of such a great group of female designers.

3. How did you get into making the goods/work/objects that you do?

I moved to the States 11 years ago (I'm Canadian!) to attend FIT in New York City for jewelry design and after school, I got a job at a mass market jewelry company.  I'd applied for a design job but didn't have any experience so was thrilled to get my foot in the door with a sales position. Working there for the few years that I did was an incredible opportunity to see how the fashion jewelry world worked, since I learned about everything from design, prototyping, costing, production timelines, logistics and sales and trend analysis. It also taught me about the very negative aspects of fast fashion and since my dream was to have my own line, [it] pushed me towards creating a brand that was the total opposite of the mass market world. Integrity of design, creativity and ethical production have always been paramount in my process and I'm proud to say all of our jewelry is handmade in NYC using sustainable metals.

4. What are your thoughts on conscious consumption?

I think it's extremely important in the time we live in, when the future of our planet is at such risk, given the current political climate in the United States. It fills me with great hope that so many domestic clothing and accessory brands are forging such a strong path on the ethical fashion road. The choices are far greater to the consumer than even two or three years ago, so buying less and investing in staple pieces that are well made and will last is totally doable now. I'm also a longtime lover of vintage clothing and thrifting which is another amazing way to be conscious about what we consume in a very fast fashion centric world.

5. How invested are you in civic engagement and social justice?

Admittedly I'd like to be more active than I am in terms of donating my time and energy to specific causes I care about, and it is a personal goal to become more active in volunteerism now that my daughter is one and I've figured out how to better manage being a full time mother and now part time jewelry designer. The surge of political activism post election has been nothing short of inspiring and I do think step one is to simply engage in debate and dialogue. I'm wholly mentally and intellectually invested in social issues important to me (women's rights, reproductive rights, immigration issues to name a few) but hope to take that crucial second step towards action in the coming months.  

6. What's your sign?

I'm an Aries