#knowyourfacts: phone banking for elections

Direct contact, as most professionals in the political landscape acknowledge, is the key to winning elections. Phone banking can increase voter turnout by 2-3 points. In swing districts, 2-3 points can be the difference between winning and losing a race.

Things to think about:

  • Personally-delivered phone messages (and more personalized messages) are more effective in mobilizing voters by nonpartisan volunteers regardless of the positive or negative tone of the messages.
    • STRAIGHT UP: It is the dynamic interaction of authentic person-to-person contact that is most important in determining whether a method will successfully mobilize voters.
  • Whether or not callers (you/me/us) are seasoned, paid professionals matter less than the quality and timing of the delivery of the messages.
  • Messages that focused on comparisons of candidates were more effective than messages that focused on comparisons of parties in mobilizing turnout.
  • The content of mobilization messages is not as important as the quality, timing and delivery of messages



It's so much easier to get involved than you think. Sign up for things like Swing Left, Sister District Project or Flippable to get real time details on which districts need volunteers. The time is NOW to figure out what you want to contribute to the 2018 election season... and getting outside your own head for a second and making a few uncomfortable calls isn't going to kill you, then pat yourself on the back for doing a little something to help change the world for the better. Because duh. 


Resources, because fuck fake news: