CLOSE UP: High Vibes with Karina Manarin

1. Tell us about the inspiration behind the design you made for/with us?    

I made a boob flag for the women's march in January and people went crazy for it! It's a public and personal pronouncement of the female body, 'WE’RE HERE!!,' proudly waving a symbol of our womanhood. I wanted the colors to be bright, rich and fun.. its good to still have humor amidst the shitstorm.  


2.  Why were you interested in collaborating with Good Support?    

Good Support is a great exploration of female industry, activism and putting our designs to work for our ideals. I feel honored to be a part of the project and associated with these badass women.


3. How did you get into making the goods/work/objects that you do?    

I went to school for textiles so I’ve always had a love of making things, functional and otherwise. I used to be a screen printer but for many years now have been totally obsessed with dyeing and the natural dye process.


4. What are your thoughts on conscious consumption?  

Conscious consumption is vital! There are so many facets to this (process, material, who made it, wage, etc) [that] it can get overwhelming, but just trying to be aware is a good start. On the large scale we are already affecting change, keeping larger businesses more transparent and in check with our standards and ethics by speaking up and choosing with our dollar. They are scared of us! On the smaller scale, there are hundreds of independent businesses that seem to naturally align as feminist, ethical and eco conscious just by sticking to what feels right for them. It doesn't seem like a trend anymore, but a movement, and I’m very happy about that! I’m a veggie girl so I buy cruelty free, natural products from mostly female owned businesses...there’s so much available now and you know exactly where its coming from!


5. How invested are you in civic engagement and social justice?  

I once had a male manager tell me that "It's over, you have the same rights as everyone" many years ago in response to my being a feminist. That really pissed me off! At the very least, this current political climate has proven to the mainstream that NO, it’s not effing over! The topics of bigotry, racism and sexism are on the forefront and it’s our job to keep them there, relevant. In supporting and sharing the voices and truths of those marginalized in our society, there’s so much we can learn, just by listening. There’s power in the stories people tell. That's something I want to work harder on, being better at communicating publicly and in my personal life who I am and what I believe in. I admire so many women and men already doing an amazing job at that! Follow the cues of your fellow woman! Theres a sea of information and support and love out there, I try to soak up what I can.


6. What's your sign?